Senator Jamilah Nasheed Files Hands-free Legislation

February 03, 2016

JEFFERSON CITY — Today, Senator Jamilah Nasheed, D–St. Louis, introduced legislation to stop the dangerous practice of texting and driving. Going even further than addressing only texts and emails, the bill also requires all drivers to only use the phone functions in “hands-free” mode.

The original language in the bill is taken from Washington D.C., which instituted its texting and driving ban in 2003. Senator Nasheed’s version however, includes provisions that make the bill stricter on distracted drivers, regardless of whether they are texting, dialing, or emailing on their phones.

Senator Nasheed stated, “The science is clear. The data is clear. Distracted driving is a problem. The driver texting is not the only life we can save. We can also save the innocent bystander who won’t be hit; or the other commuters from being run off the road. Every year, tens of thousands of Missouri teenagers get their driver’s licenses. It’s time to make distracted driving illegal for them, and all other drivers.  The costs are too great compared to the simple action of putting the phone down.”

Senate Bill 1015 has been first read on the Senate floor and will be assigned to committee early next week.

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