Senator Jamilah Nasheed Disappointed with Budget Cuts

January 17, 2017
Contact: Jamilah Nasheed

JEFFERSON CITY — State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, is vocalizing her frustration about the plans the governor announced Monday to cut $146 million from the Missouri budget for the 2017 fiscal year.


“It seems that when millions of dollars need to be cut, education, health care, and social and family services are always the starting point — this time is no different,” Sen. Nasheed said. “While the governor assured us that no cuts will be made to K-12, higher education will take a major blow.”


The spending restrictions include almost $56 million in core funding for four-year institutions and hundreds of thousands of dollars for teaching development and health care services like those related to obesity and women’s health.


Discussing the state’s duty to be fiscally responsible and provide the necessary resources to our schools, roads and family services, Sen. Nasheed said, “While we have a problem with the budget, I am optimistic that the governor will find a way to restore these funds.” The senator concluded by reaffirming her support for our students and families. “As a member of the Appropriations Committee, I will continue to support our colleges and universities so that they can have the necessary resources to provide a great education.”


A summary of the spending restrictions can be found here.


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