Nasheed Announces She Will Not Run for Mayor

January 05, 2017
Contact: Jamilah Nasheed

Calls on community to ‘put our city above ourselves’

ST. LOUIS, MO — Today, State Sen. Jamilah Nasheed, D-St. Louis, released the following statement regarding her decision not to run for mayor of St. Louis in 2017:

“After much deliberation and consultation, I have decided to remove my name from consideration as the next mayor of St. Louis.

“Instead, I will continue to serve our city and its next mayor at the state level as a needed voice in the Missouri Senate. More than ever in our state's history we are beset with extreme right wing forces that seek to undermine the will and the rights of the people. I will remain unwavering and undaunted in my commitment to fighting this extremism by being a voice for the voiceless throughout our state – ensuring that women, children, minorities, working families and so many other Missourians are not ignored and cast aside by the government tasked with serving them.

“Today, the Gateway City finds itself at a crossroads. Crime is too high and opportunity far too low. And despite some important development and growth, wide swaths of St. Louis have been left behind.

“The solution to these divisions is bigger than any one person or office. The solution is a city united to solve these problems, and the top priority of St. Louis' next mayor needs to be uniting our divided city.

“Working together, we will move St. Louis forward by preserving the good things we already have, creating the change we need to meet the challenges ahead of us, and breaking down divisions to build one city for us all.”