MHDC Housing Programs

Thinking about buying a home?

The Missouri Housing Development Commission (MHDC) has two programs available to help eligible Missourians looking to purchase a new home.

11415768915_83a98098aa.jpgMHDC’s First Place Loan program provides down payment assistance and closing costs to eligible households buying their first home.  The program provides cash assistance in the form of a grant, and the mortgages offered through the program are 30 year, fixed rate mortgages.  MHDC works with over 70 certified lenders throughout the state. You can visit to learn more and to find participating lenders. 

MHDC’s Mortgage Credit Certificate (MCC) program is available starting February 2016 and will provide a federal tax credit to first time homebuyers. This credit is applied to the borrower’s federal tax liability reducing the amount of taxes the borrower has to pay.  The maximum allowable credit per year, per household, is $2000, the homeowner can carry that credit forward three years and the credit is good for the entire life of the loan.  The MCC program is administered through a network of certified lenders throughout the state.  To find participating lenders and learn more, visit

MHDC has successfully helped 94,000 families, veterans, individuals, and survivors of natural disasters purchase their own homes since it was founded in 1969. I am proud of the work they do for our community and I hope that they can help you realize your dream of buying a home.

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