Ferguson Still Having Problems With Police, Community Relations

August 09, 2015

Relations between the community of Ferguson and the police remain uneasy despite some changes and progress being made following last year’s shooting of Michael Brown, Missouri State Senator Jamilah Nasheed told Sputnik.

FERGUSON (Sputnik) — "We have a problem with police and community relationships and that we need to begin to continue to build on our relationship when it comes to relationships with police and community. We have a problem with that, and we need to deal with that, and we’re not there yet. We want to continue to fight to be able to make this city a better place to work, live," Nasheed said.

Tensions between police and the primarily African-American community in the US city of Ferguson, Missouri, escalated last year after a grand jury chose not to indict Darren Wilson, a white police officer, after he shot dead an unarmed black teenager, Michael Brown, in August 2014. The grand jury's decision prompted protests around the country.

"We have systemic problems. That unrest that you saw in Ferguson on August 9 was a direct collation of political and economical pressure that had occurred for too long for indigent people in that area, and they were upset, they were tired of it. And so yeah, Michael Brown’s death was just a boiling point of what those individuals were feeling for far too long," Nasheed asserted.

The Senator stressed, however, that the city of Ferguson has seen some significant changes within the last year, such as the municipal court reform in the state of Missouri, where is no longer possible to "lock individuals up simply because they cannot pay a fine."

Nasheed also pointed out that the city revitalized the area burnt down during the protests, which is now called Urban League Center...

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